What to do with Home and Auto Insurance when moving to Manitoba

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What to do with Home and Auto Insurance when moving to Manitoba

Auto Insurance

If you are new to Manitoba there are certain steps to follow in order to get a Manitoba driver’s licence and to register and insure your vehicles in Manitoba. This must be done within 90 days of the move date.  All Manitoba car insurance is done by a broker through the Manitoba Public Insurance corporation. Vehicle insurance in this province is known as “Autopac”.

• In order to be set up as a customer with Manitoba Public Insurance, certain identification documents (e.g. passport, birth certificate) and proofs of residence in Manitoba (e.g. bank statement, lease or mortgage document) are needed.  See ‘Establishing Your Identity’ at the MPI website, or give us a call to walk you through the process.

• Your vehicle will need to get a Certificate of Inspection (a ‘Safety’) from a licensed garage in Manitoba.  A current Safety from your previous jurisdiction may also be acceptable.

• In order to qualify for greater premium discounts in Manitoba, get a claims history letter from your previous insurer.

Home Insurance

If you are moving to Manitoba it is important to maintain your coverage on the residence until your belongings are in your new home in Manitoba.  Most insurance carriers will continue to insure your contents in transit between homes.

Once you have coverage arranged at your Manitoba residence, you will have to send a letter of cancellation to your previous broker to cancel the policy for your previous home.

* Tip – If you plan to move, make sure you have Comprehensive coverage on your contents so they are insured for breakage while being moved.

One Stop Insurance Source

If you are moving to Winnipeg or the surrounding area, call and talk with us at Pembina Insurance.  We’ll make sure you get the right auto and homeowners insurance for your new surroundings.