Winnipeg Florist Insurance

Being a creative floral designer you will, no doubt, like your boutique looking up to date and stylish, just like the floral arrangements you create. You have all the latest equipment and displays to enhance your floral exhibits, refrigeration to keep your flowers fresh, and glass vases for the arrangements. You will also need the proper protection for these valuable improvements and furnishings.

If you currently operate a florist shop you know how important it is to have an awesome looking arrangement. Styling and designing a bouquet is an important part of your business. Having complete protection for you, and your inventory and displays, is vital. Having the proper Florist Insurance to cover your special risks, from you or a customer slipping due to water on the floor, or injuries from thorns, are just a couple reasons to have this specialized protection. Contact Pembina Insurance Services today at 204-452-4913 for your free Winnipeg Florists Insurance.

Protect Your Business With Winnipeg Flower Shop Insurance

Winnipeg Florist Insurance is affordable and necessary for your business. An insurance policy specifically tailored to your floral business can provide the protection you need and for less than you might think. Pembina Insurance Services can build you a comprehensive insurance policy for your florist business in Winnipeg. Simply fill out the quote form above or call us today at 204-452-4913 for your free quote.

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Here are two reasons to act right now:

  1. Make sure you and your employees are protected from any sudden calamity that could come your way.
  2. You can receive a no-risk quote by simply emailing us or calling us at 204-452-4913. We will contact you to discuss your situation and provide you with a worry-free policy that will save you money.