Manitoba Travel Insurance

Do you have the right travel accident insurance? 

A husband and wife from Manitoba were preparing to return from their holiday aboard a cruise liner. As they disembarked from the cruise ship the wife slipped, fracturing her arm. This little slip resulted in clinic / hospital fees, x-rays, doctor’s fees, cancelled flights, an extended stay and other costs. This most unlikely mishap ended up costing the couple thousands of dollars (but they did have coverage).

Now you may think you won’t come down with an illness while travelling, especially if you are young. But what about the unforeseen and sudden mishap that you cannot prevent? A little mishap is one thing, but a major accident could cost you a fortune. Don’t become a travel victim because you did not take a few minutes to purchase a travel accident policy from Pembina Insurance Services.

And if you think you don’t need coverage if you are travelling only in Canada, check your Manitoba Health coverage.They have limits as to what they will pay outside of Manitoba. We, at Pembina Insurance Services, can help figure out these travel needs for you.

It’s as easy as a phone call

Our travel insurance specialists here at Pembina Insurance Services can provide you with a policy that can cover you for a day, a month or even up to a year. Travel accident insurance policies can cover more than just medical emergencies like illness or injury, but also excess travel expenses to get you home when you do get sick or injured, as well as flight and/or trip cancellation.

We can issue Manitoba travel insurance policies to any destination right away and provide you with the policy you need to travel with peace of mind. Protection is useless after the mishap and, if you think of it, we are all one accident away from serious personal or financial loss.

Don’t  go on your Vacation without it

Whether you are travelling to much warmer places or across Canada, we know how to protect you with the right type of travel insurance. So don’t delay. Be prepared for life’s misfortunes. Contact us by e-mail or call us at 204-452-4913 and we’ll provide you with a quote to cover the protection you need.