Buying a Motorcycle

Spring is here – and for you, that means the bike is coming out of the garage. As the days get longer, the sunshine warmer and the snow begins to melt. there’s nothing like cruising the city streets, navigating the small highways to the lake, or stretching out on the Trans-Canada across the prairies, enjoyed on two wheels with the wind in your face. You can’t wait to trade your stuffy car for the freedom of your motorcycle.

Yeah, you get a bit clunky after four, five months in a car seat instead of in the saddle, but after a couple of road trips, everything falls back into place.

You are a safe rider. You wear your helmet. Leather gear, even in 30 degree weather. You took your Motorcycle Safety course. Granted, that was a few years ago… Should probably renew that one.

Then, there is the insurance. That’s the one… Motorcycle insurance. It may be the last thing that you think of, but it is one of the most important.

If you own a Motorcycle, it’s important to have the right insurance. To protect yourself. So before you get ready to chase the wind, give us at Pembina Insurance Services a ring 204-452-4913. We can provide you with a quote, policy advice, and answers to questions like these:

  • Is my motorcycle covered under my car insurance?
  • What coverages should I buy for my motorcycle?
  • The most important coverage on your motorcycle Insurance policy.
  • How can I lower the premium on my motorcycle insurance?
  • What about insurance for mopeds, scooters or ATV’s?

Is my motorcycle covered under my car insurance?

You have your driver’s license, and just passed your motorcycle license. Finally! You are more than ready to ride with your buddies. Your uncle gave you his old bike, and in many, many hours, you fixed her up and restored her. Now it’s time to take her out.

You never thought much about insurance. In fact, you simply assumed that it’s a motorized vehicle, and therefore covered by your car insurance. Car insurance covers motorized vehicles. Or something… Whatever. It’s motorized, and so your car insurance should cover it. Right?

No! Wrong! Don’t make the mistake to assume that your car insurance will cover your motorcycle, or provide liability coverage if you hurt somebody or damage somebody’s property. Your car insurance will absolutely not extend to your motorcycle. Also, it will not apply for you, if you cause injury or damage while riding your motorcycle.

Your car insurance and your motorcycle are completely separate, and will absolutely not apply for each other.

If you own a motorcycle, a motorcycle insurance policy is required. Give us a call at Pembina Insurance. We can help.

What coverages should I buy for my motorcycle?

This is it. It’s the bike of your dreams all right! A Harley Davidson Classic Road King. Black Pearl. Chrome details. 1,593cc. You’ve been waiting to get this bike for years… and now she’s about to become yours. You can’t wait to get on and scorch some asphalt.

You hadn’t thought about insurance, though. But now that you’re about to own this baby…. Well, it seems to make sense to protect her properly.

Then again, the odds that a biker is considered at fault in an accident are quite small. Maybe the minimal amount of liability coverage is OK? What does a motorcycle insurance policy cover, anyways?

Congratulations on your new bike! You must be thrilled!

Motorcycle insurance is quite similar to an auto insurance policy. It can include various forms of protection such as:

  • Third Party Liability – In Manitoba this covers property damage, for any damage your vehicle causes to another person’s property.  For Manitobans travelling outside the province it covers the cost of lawsuits for bodily injury as well as property damage.  This includes not only damage to another vehicle or property involved in an accident, but also buildings and other property.  Basic Auto coverage provides $200,000 liability coverage so it is highly recommended that you increase coverage to $1, $2 or $5 million, especially if you are travelling outside Manitoba.
  • All Perils – for motorcycles this coverage is limited to collision and upset protection up to the declared value, to a maximum of $50,000, including taxes. Upset protection covers you if your vehicle tips over and is damaged.   You can reduce your deductible to $300, $200 or $100 for an additional premium.
  • Comprehensive –is an optional coverage for motorcycles which provides coverage for non-collision damage such as fire, explosion, vandalism, theft, flood and hail. It can be added for an additional premium with a choice of deductibles – $500 or $200.
  • Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) – compensates Manitobans for specific costs they have from injury or death caused by an auto accident – no matter who is at fault and whether the accident occurs in Canada or the U.S.  Many coverages are included such as payments for certain medical costs, death benefits and important coverages needed when you are hurt and cannot work.
  • Maximum Insured Value – if your vehicle is worth more than $50,000, excess value insurance can be added.


Even though the odds of being at fault in a multi-vehicle accident are very low for motorcyclists, liability often doesn’t clearly lie with the other party, either. And even though bikers are often the victims when it comes to cycle – car collisions, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need liability insurance. What if you hit a bicyclist or a pedestrian? What if you accidentally scratch a car as you back out of your parking spot?

Motorcycle insurance will help protect you, your bike, as well as your assets in case you ever find yourself in a liability lawsuit. Pembina Insurance Services can help you protect almost any type of motorcycle, whether it’s a Dirt Bike or a Street Cruiser, a Vintage bike or a customized high-performance machine. Give us a call at 204 452-4913!

The most important coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Since your buddy Louie lost his leg, you’ve become more apprehensive. On a bike, it’s easy to feel free. Invincible, even. But many car drivers don’t turn to take that extra look. They don’t watch out for anything smaller than their own vehicle. They look for big things.

That’s how Louie got hit. Got swept right out of his lane by a pickup truck, whose driver was too preoccupied while passing another car. Luckily, Louie survived… barely. His leg didn’t.

Fortunately Louie’s insurance included protection for personal injuries. And his insurance helped take care of the medical bills, physical therapy, and the months he was without a paycheck.

As you consider your motorcycle insurance policy, keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to insurance. You want a policy that protects you when you need it. That is why motorcycle insurance, as with all vehicle insurance includes a Personal Injury Protection Plan, know as PIPP. This is probably the single most important part of a motorcycle policy

Your PIPP coverage kicks in if you are hit by a driver who doesn’t have the insurance or resources to pay for your injuries, medical payments, loss of wages, and damage to your bike. This is especially true when travelling to other provinces or to the U.S. If the person who hit you doesn’t have the money to pay for the damages they caused you, your own insurance will protect you.This is what your PIPP coverage does for you.

To sum it all up: You want Motorcycle Insurance so you can protect yourself! Whether that is a liability lawsuit, or an irresponsible driver who hit you. Because a driver who isn’t responsible enough to look for motorcycles on the road might not be responsible enough to carry adequate insurance limits.

Give us a call today 204-452-4913. We can help you get the motorcycle coverage that provides you with the protection you need, while giving you the best value for your dollar.

How can I lower the premium on my motorcycle insurance?

Now, you’ve heard that one can a lower premium on auto insurance (hey, and you even qualify for some!) That makes you wonder… Shouldn’t you be able to get a discount on your motorcycle policy, as well?

Yes you should! And you can! Generally many of the same saving options are available:

  • Where you live – in Winnipeg or rural Manitoba
  • How the motorcycle is used – for pleasure or for driving to work
  • Your driving record – no losses or driving convictions lower the premium
  • The amount your bike is insured for – the declared value affects the premium
  • The deductible amounts chosen – for All Perils and Comprehensive coverage

Keep in mind that your insurance rates depend on your bike’s type and brand, its engine size, the level of customization, and the use. A customized street race machine that you use to commute to work will bring you higher insurance bills than a vintage cruiser that you only use every now and then. As you search for your perfect bike, keep these factors in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at Pembina Insurance for more information, even before you purchase your bike.

What about insurance for mopeds, scooters or ORV’s?

Now that you’ve found the bike of your dreams, you got your wife hooked: She’d like to do her smaller, around-the-town errands on a little scooter, rather than in the car. Not only does it save gas, but it also gives her this lifestyle feeling as if she were living in a small town in Italy.

Well, you can’t blame her. You knew all along what riding on two wheels can do for your soul.

Question is, how do you insure the little scooter? Does it qualify as a motorcycle at all?

Yes it does! Mopeds and scooters (electric and gasoline-powered) can be insured on a Motorcycle policy. All the same coverages and options apply for big bikes as well as smaller mopeds and scooters.

Off-road vehicles (and snowmobiles, too), on the other hand, take a special place. An Off-road vehicle (or ORV) may be covered under your homeowner’s policy (this usually provides limited coverage), but only if it’s driven exclusively on your own property. There is absolutely no coverage if you take the ORV off your property and drive it on public roads… even if it’s only across the street. If there is any chance at all that you might take your ORV to a dirt track, into the mountains, or elsewhere, you should get ORV (or Snowmobile) insurance. Having proper ORV insurance is especially important if you require coverage for injuries to you or your passengers.

We, at Pembina Insurance can help with any of your motorcycle or other transportation needs. Contact our motorcycle insurance specialists by e-mail or calling 204-452-4913!