Winnipeg Electricians Insurance

Even when an electrician finishes a job, there is plenty more work to be done. You may have tightened up the last wires and flipped the switch but the liability from your work goes on and on. That is why you need a great electricians insurance policy.

Winnipeg Electricians insurance keeps protecting you from any accidents that happen as an alleged result of work that you have done. In the electric trade, an electrician’s insurance policy will keep working to protect you long after you have moved to the next job site.

Of course, in addition to General Liability you will also need your policy to cover the property needs of your business as well: your tools, any equipment being installed and any shop or storage needs you may have.

Protect your Future with Winnipeg Electricians Insurance

All of these features can be integrated into an electrician’s insurance policy for less money than you think.

It may be that you think that your current general liability policy covers the distinct needs of your electric business but many policies need to be customized specifically for you to offer full protection.

Pembina Insurance Services Cares about Your Business

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. Before you start your next job, get the peace of mind in knowing that your work will be protected. You won’t need to worry about problems down the road.
  2. We can get you a no-obligation quote right away. Contact us by email or call us at 204-452-4913 for a quote today! You’ll see how inexpensive electricians insurance can be.