Winnipeg Restaurant Insurance

On a fall morning in 2011, a neighbouring restaurant owner arrived to work early to prepare ingredients, only to discover he was not the first one there. Hoping to have a good time, thieves had broken in overnight and helped themselves to his cache of wine and sprits. To add insult to injury, they also vadalised the coolers, damaging inventory in the process. Thankfully, this restaurant owner had proper insurance.

As a restauranteur, you know that there are many ingredients needed to run a successful business. Don’t get caught overlooking a critical piece by exposing your restaurant to unneeded risks–get a Winnipeg restaurant insurance policy.

You can Trust Pembina Insurance Services to get the job done for You

Restaurant insurance in Winnipeg keeps your restaurant in business with all-in-one property insurance, liability insurance, equipment breakdown and business interruption insurance.

The cost for restaurant insurance is one of the best reasons not to delay: you won’t believe how inexpensive it is to protect your investment.

Protect your Business with Restaurant Insurance

Winnipeg restaurant insurance policy is a critical part of a successful restaurant plan. Its coverage includes general business protection but also includes unique protections, including:

  • Liquor Liability
  • Special Food Liability
  • Coverage Extension Insurance

You can customize your restaurant insurance based on the features of your business. If you have a bar, a delivery service, a large storage facility then you need more than just a general business policy. Often coverage for these types of things can be added to the same policy.

Here are two reasons to get started now!

  1. Before one more plate of food goes out, make sure that you are covered from the risks that are inherent in restaurants.
  2. Find out how inexpensive it is with a no-risk quote right away. Contact us by email or call us at 204-452-4913 and we’ll get back to you to discuss what you need and provide a restaurant insurance policy that you can afford.