Winnipeg Church Insurance

In the winter of 2008, the music director of a Winnipeg church returned to the church in the morning to discover a ransacked music studio and property missing to the tune of nearly $15,000.

Thieves apparently broke in through a basement window in the wee hours of that cold February day, and made off with the loot before the police could arrive. And more than music equipment was snagged in the heist. Thieves also took valuable music CDs and sophisticated recording electronics.

As church trustees and administrators, do you find yourself worried about property loss from your sacred place of worship? It’s a valid concern, given all the variables, but with an Insurance policy for Religious Organizations, you are able to concentrate on more important things. Let the professional staff at Pembina Insurance help you with your Winnipeg Church Insurance and give you the peace of mind for your congregation.

Protection for your Church or Charity Organization

Religious Insurance in Winnipeg incorporates Property Insurance with liability and crime coverage to shield you and your church from loss. Winnipeg Religious or Church Insurance usually includes the following:

  • Property Insurance – including stained glass and organs
  • Crime
  • Liability Insurance
  • Loss of income

Additional insurance coverages available include:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Counseling/abuse coverage
  • Directors & Officers
  • Special events
  • Sewer back-up or flood

Pembina Insurance Services – Your Winnipeg Church & Religious Insurance Experts

Two reasons to get started right away:

  1. Before the next service takes place, make sure that you and your congregation are protected from all losses. You don’t want one unwanted claim to disrupt your church.
  2. To start receiving savings on your insurance, simply contact us by email or call us at 204-452-4913 for your quote. After we discuss your needs, we will create an insurance policy just for your church.