Manitoba Cottage Property Insurance

Most of us enjoy going to the cottage and getting back to nature after a long work week. I know I do.

Whether your favourite place is Lake of the Woods, the Whiteshell or the sandy beaches of Victoria Beach, they are all great places in Manitoba. As beautiful as they are, we all know that weather in Manitoba can change in the blink of an eye and cause unimaginable damage. That is why your dream home should have first rate protection.

Manitoba cottage property insurance can be the ideal way to protect your rural home by giving you that blanket of coverage that you need. Living in the country can be an enjoyable lifestyle, but it is important to be prepared for any calamity that descends on your precious home. For this reason it is vital to have dependable cottage insurance or rural home insurance.

Pembina Insurance Services has been providing cottage insurance and rural property insurance in Manitoba since 1979. You can rest assured that we will shelter your beautiful retreat from any freak disaster that comes your way.

Give Your Favourite Place The Manitoba Cottage Insurance Protection it Deserves

I am sure you are worried about the cost of property insurance in cottage country or rural Manitoba. Don’t be. It’s probably less than you think and will literally be a home saver when disaster strikes.

Whether it is your home away from home or your primary residence, you can be covered on an affordable cottage owner insurance policy or homeowners insurance package policy.

Let the experts at Pembina Insurance Services help you and make sure your great memory is protected by insurance you can count on.

Pembina Insurance Services – Your Cottage Property Insurance Experts

Don’t experience another sleepless night wondering if your cottage insurance or rural home insurance is affording you the right protection. When it comes to your valuable property and your financial well being, this is nothing to take lightly.

Don’t go another minute and leave your cottage property without proper protection.

Take the first step – contact us by e-mail or call us at 204-452-4913, and we will respond with an insurance quote that will take care of your dream.