Manitoba And Cottage Country Boat Insurance

In No Time At All, Everything Changed

A few years ago, on a warm sunny evening, a family of four took their boat out on the Red River. As they cruised through calm waters, the sun began setting majestically in the western sky and the light danced on the small ripples of water.

Suddenly, without warning, there was a thunderous bang and the boat shuddered violently as it slowed to a crawl. The family soon began noticing pieces of wood floating on the water around the boat. Blinded by the setting sun, their boat had just hammered a canoeist on the river.

The boat was badly damaged and the canoe was destroyed. More tragically, the person in the canoe was severely injured, required several surgeries and was off work for over a year.

If you have spent any time on the water, be it a lake or river, you know what can happen and, when things go wrong, it happens quickly. As serene as the water appears on the lake, you know how quickly a storm can rear up, especially on the shallow waters of Lake Winnipeg.. Your boat may hit a submerged rock. Or worse yet, your boat may be destroyed in an accident while being towed behind the vehicle. Make sure you are protected with Winnipeg watercraft insurance.

Whether your boat is a personal watercraft or sailboat, none can fully escape the risks of the open water. But when the waters churn up quickly in gale force winds, the seaworthiness of even the most solid craft is questioned. Yet your special boat, personal watercraft or sailboat is perhaps more vulnerable to other serious perils like fire, hail and land collision.

Pembina Insurance Services – your Manitoba Boat Insurance Specialists

A loss to your boat can be very unsettling not to mention tough on your wallet and, or in the case of the unfortunate canoeist, their health. Don’t let sudden, severe weather or an unpreventable accident take your pride and joy from you. You can protect yourself against any disaster that occurs on the water, land or while the craft is being towed. Let Pembina Insurance Services find the proper boat insurance, personal watercraft insurance or watercraft insurance for you.

At Pembina Insurance Services, we deal with more than a few rock solid boat insurance carriers and can provide several levels of coverage, including replacement cost. With this protection, should disaster strike, you will be back in a new boat in no time.

At Pembina Insurance Services we have protected the residents of Manitoba from boating accidents and losses since 1979. Whether you navigate the rocky shoals of the Whiteshell, or cruise the expanse of Lake Winnipeg, we can provide the right boat protection for you.

Before you get your boat, personal watercraft or sailboat out on the lake, contact us by email or call us at 204-452-4913 for a quote. The professionals at Pembina Insurance will contact you to provide you with Winnipeg boat insurance protection that will pay for itself in peace of mind as well as dollars and cents.

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