Do I have Sewer Back Up coverage (or enough of it) on my policy?

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June 18, 2015
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October 24, 2015

Do I have Sewer Back Up coverage (or enough of it) on my policy?

Can you imagine awaking in the morning and going to the basement, only to find six inches of smelly water covering the floor?  You may think that, as it has never happened before, or you are well protected, this could never happen to you!  Sewer back-up is one of the most frequent types of losses to occur.  Yet sadly, it is easy to have measures in place to prevent sewer back-up or mitigate the damages when sewer back-up happens.


Sewer back-up occurs when the drainage system is overloaded with water.  A “back-up” into your home occurs when water rises above the basement drains, either from a blockage, heavy rains or from one or many other factors.  Sewer back-up is caused by accidental escape of water from a sewer, drain, sump septic tank, eaves or downspout.  Sewer back-up, in worst cases, can introduce sewage waste into your home, resulting in extensive damage.  The flooring, insulation, drywall, appliances and furnishings may all have to be replaced.  There are also health risks from resultant, harmful bacteria and mould.


Having a backwater valve in the main line and a sump pump can help immensely in reducing the risk of sewer back-up.  Additional protective measures are available, like a battery back-up to provide power to the pump if the electricity fails.  The pump can also be connected to the alarm to provide a warning of rising water levels before any damage occurs.


If these protective measures fail, and they can, sewer back-up coverage is available in most areas (in amounts of $5,000 and up) at policy renewal time.  The amount of coverage (or limit) should cover the value to replace/repair the damage should the worst case sewer back-up occur.


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