Planning Your Summer Holiday Trip

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July 18, 2013
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September 23, 2013

Planning Your Summer Holiday Trip

As we are planning our trip to visit our daughter in Arkansas, USA in a few weeks, it caused me to think about what is needed in planning a trip.

Travel insurance comes to mind.  If you have a group plan through work, check the coverages.  If you do not have a group plan to cover you, obtain a good travel insurance policy for the number of days you will be away.  This applies even if visiting another province.

As we plan to rent a vehicle in the USA we need to get Rental Car Insurance.  If you will be renting a vehicle (in Canada or the U.S.), it is best to get Rental Car Insurance here in Manitoba before you go.  Coverage and premium are unbeatable and you even get a replacement vehicle if your rental is damaged.

There is one final thing.  Be certain you make sure that your home has that lived-in appearance when you are away.  Any services are attended to and someone has your emergency contact information.

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Have an enjoyable and safe holiday.