Manitoba High Value Home Insurance

Does your house have high end finishes? Perhaps it was specially designed by an architect or renovated by a designer? If your home has been built in this way it becomes “custom” or “luxury” and you should have a high value homeowners insurance policy. Should a disaster strike, you may have to dip into your own funds to replace your beautiful dream home.There is a cost to all those special features, vaulted ceilings and detailed trim, so your current policy limits are probably less than you will need to replace all those things.

Sadly, many people do not realize they need a high value property policy until after they have had the fire destroy their home. It is only then that they understand that they were not properly insured. Don’t let this happen to you.

Manitoba High Value Homeowners Insurance provides the extra coverage for your luxury or custom home, allowing you to rebuild what you’ve lost. The more your home is worth, the greater the difference can be between what your current policy may pay and what it will cost to replace. You’d be surprised to learn howaffordable it is to protect your entire home.

Let the professional staff at Pembina Insurance Services provide you with a thorough High Value Property Insurance quote today.

Protecting the Contents of your High Value Home 

Most people are concerned about the right coverage on the house in the event of a claim, but there are also the things in your home that you value even more.

Insurance companies limit what they pay for certain articles in the home. Because of this, there is a maximum you get for such things as:

  • Jewellery & Furs
  • Coin Collections
  • Works of Art
  • Silverware

Enhanced coverages on a Manitoba High Value Home Policy often include:

  • Replacement cost settlement on the house with no obligation to rebuild – in the event of a loss, you may repair/rebuild or simply take your money – that’s it!
  • Declining deductible – can decline to zero in six years. If there is a claim, there is no cost to you.
  • High amounts of sewer back-up coverage at no extra cost, so you are covered for all of the damage.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage can be added to some policies for a furnace or appliance that breaks down. This avoids expensive repair costs and gets you back and running in no time.

Manitoba High Value Home Insurance is available to almost every homeowner who is concerned that the amount of insurance on their house may not be high enough to meet the building cost. Any home worth worth more than $600,000 should consider this insurance.

Pembina Insurance Services: Your Manitoba High Value Property Insurance Expert

We will make sure you have the right protection at the right price. We will help you to identify the risks of your home and the costs to replace the whole building as well as the contents. We will also uncover all the things that help you save money, so you pay the best possible premium.

If your home has unique features, historic workmanship or has been designed by an architect, you may need High Value Homeowners Insurance. Yours could be an older home in Manitoba’s River Heights or a newer bungalow in Tuxedo or Waverley West. At Pembina Insurance Services we have been providing protection for the residents of these neighbourhoods since 1979, and we can do the same for you.

Here are a couple of reasons to get properly protected today:

  1. Your designer home and family face great peril each and every moment you delay.
  2. A no-risk quote can give you immediate peace of mind that you will have the proper coverage for your valuable home and contents. Contact us by e-mail or call us at 204-452-4913 and we’ll show you how inexpensive a high value home policy can be.