Manitoba Motorcycle Insurance

Motorbike Insurance – What Are Your options?

Not too may years ago, a fellow business owner in our building was cruising home late one night on Winnipeg’s Donald Street, with his girlfriend. A speeding car flew through a red light and smashed into the bike, knocking it and the riders flying into the air. Tragically, the business owner died in the accident and his girlfriend was seriously injured.

If you have ever owned a motorcycle like I have, it can be one of the most satisfying experiences in life. There is nothing like the freedom of flying down the highway with the breeze flowing by. And nothing should come between you and this experience, not even a tragic accident. But unfortunately they do and they happen all too often.

The very nature of a bike that gives you the freedom also increases the risk – they are smaller and rider is more vulnerable than in a car. For these reasons, 80% of all accidents involving motorcycles result in death. Additionally, they are high theft targets where less than 25% of stolen motorcycles are ever found. These grave statistics are stark reminders of why proper protection for both the machine and the rider are critically important. Get your protection today!

Finding the right Motorcycle Insurance for you

If you plan to buy the sport or touring bike of your dreams, you’re going to need Motorbike Insurance immediately to protect it. The experts at Pembina Insurance in Manitoba can sort out all your options, even before you go shopping.

Basic Motorcycle coverage includes:

  • Collision with another vehicle ($500 deductible)
  • Upset – if your motorcycle tips over and is damaged
  • Personal injury protection
  • Third-party liability ($200,000)

There are also several options that can be added:

  • Comprehensive – Fire, theft , vandalism – with $500 or $200 deductible
  • Collision/Upset – deductible reduced to $100, $200 or $300
  • Third-Party liability coverage with increased limits of $1 million, $2 million or $5 million

Pembina Insurance Services – Your Manitoba Motorbike Insurance Expert

Although your motorcycle is covered is year-round, actual premiums are priced over the riding season, from May 1 to September 30. This means you can defer payment until the start of the riding season, keeping more money in your pocket.

At Pembina Insurance, we take motorcycles as seriously as you do. To obtain a quote, contact us, your Motorcycle Insurance experts, by email or call us at 204-452-4913.

No matter what you own – a sport bike, cruiser or Harley – you can depend on us to find you the coverage you need.