Carelessness Coverage on your Home Policy! – Do you have it?

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June 24, 2013

Carelessness Coverage on your Home Policy! – Do you have it?

Have you ever done something in your house and damaged it accidentally, or owned a precious item that you damaged? … or even lost!

You probably have … we all have… because we all make mistakes and sometimes do careless things.  So do you think you have carelessness coverage on your house policy?  We’ll give Review you a hint … you may know this type of house policy as a comprehensive policy.  As insurance brokers, we check regularly, with new clients and with existing policy holders, to see if they have this important coverage.

Let’s illustrate how a claim might work with this coverage. Not so long ago, my daughter placed a large covered bowl of red jello in the basement fridge.  The next day, when she took it out, it slipped from her hands, the lid came off and all the jello went splat all over the basement area carpet.  We tried to clean and had cheap mlb jerseys professionals look at it but, eventually, had to submit a claim to have the carpet replaced.

Thankfully we had carelessness coverage, or coverage for accidental damage 5 or loss.  This is properly known as ???? a Comprehensive policy; which gives you a top of the line coverage for BOTH your house and contents. (Note:  If you have a Broadform policy, you have top of the line coverage on the house only; contents would not be protected against accidental damage or loss.)

This comprehensive coverage protects contents … things you take in and out of the house – clothes, wholesale nba jerseys furniture, kitchen items, electronics, etc.  By having this coverage we were protected for the damage to the area carpet.  If you had any other type of item, like a ring, for example, and you accidentally lost a stone or lost the entire ring – you would be covered.  If your wholesale jerseys dining room table was damaged while moving to a new house – you are covered!  If you watered your TV instead of the plants, or spilled paint on your sofa – you are covered!

So check your policy…to make cheap nba jerseys sure you have the best coverage available – a Comprehensive policy.  It may be worth the few extra dollars and be sure you have it.